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WHOLESALE ONLY  Unless Customer provides Todostopsstore with a valid and applicable exemption certificate, Customer agrees to collect and remit payment of all sales, use, excise or similar taxes levied or based upon its use or purchase of Products and assessed by local, state or federal taxing authority. If it is determined by a tax authority that Customer should have been paying taxes on purchases from Todostopsstore and was not doing so, Customer will be responsible for and will pay all taxes and will be responsible for all interest, levies and penalties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Parties will be individually responsible for employment taxes of its own employees and taxes based on income.




A Sales Tax Resale Number indicating exempt status.

A Federal Identification Number.

Verification that all merchandise will be sold with the intention of resale by Customer.

A completed and signed new account credit application.

A valid sales tax resale certificate or a signed Multi-State Sales Tax Exemption and Resale Certificate.

Verification and validation that Customer's business is an industry-related business in good standing.

A completed Credit Card Authorization form (if Customer's payment terms requires).

Local registration documentation (International accounts).

Subject to the freight carrier's pickup availability, Todostopsstore uses its best efforts to ship same-day those orders received by 6:00pmCST.




Out of Stock product

Special orders

Shipments using an LTL service

Dropship orders

Fulfillment orders


If Customer requests a non-stock Product, such request must be made in writing via the Special Order Merchandise Agreement, accompanied by a fifty percent (50%) deposit, paid by Customer's pre-approved credit card. Upon receipt of such funds, Todostopsstore will place the order with the Vendor. Upon shipment of the Product(s), the remaining charges, including the remainder of the Product(s) cost, freight, handling fees, etc. will be charged to Customer's credit card or will be sent out COD with the requirement of a money order/certified funds check due upon delivery. Customer will be responsible for all charges and fees as a result of Customer's refusal of shipment or failure to pay at time of delivery.


Special orders are not eligible for returns or cancellations.



Todostopsstore offers a fulfillment program for E-Commerce customers ("Etailers"). Todostopsstore provides blind drop-ship services for approved Etailers who have signed a Fulfillment Services Agreement. These orders are supplied by Todostopsstore directly to the Etailer's customer, bypassing the Etailer's place of business, using a common carrier. Terms and Conditions of the Fulfillment Services Agreement will receive priority over the policies found in Todostopsstore's Standard Terms and Conditions. In the event of a conflict, the Fulfillment Services Agreement will prevail.



Customer will be charged the prices reflected on www.todostopsstore.com or applicable promotional flyers. You may also place your orders at www.todostopsstore.com as well.




Customer must allow two weeks for processing of all credit applications.

All payments will be in U.S. Dollars.

C.O.D. certified funds are accepted via bank-issued cashier's check or money order. Fulfillment and special order items are not available to Customer under these payment terms.

C.O.D. company checks are accepted pending approval of a completed and signed credit application.


Net terms are available pending approval of Customer's completed and signed credit application. For higher net term limits, Customer's current financial statements are required. All net terms are calculated from invoice date, which will be the date of shipment.

A 1.5% monthly finance charge will be added to all past due invoices.

Todostopsstore reserves the right to hold all shipments on any Customer's account that becomes delinquent without authorization or liability for fees, chargebacks and/or penalties.

Should Customer's account become delinquent, Todostopsstore reserves the right to change the terms on the account to C.O.D. or prepaid terms. Such account may also be sent for collections, and Customer is responsible for all collection charges and attorney fees.

Major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Such credit terms require a signed Credit Card Authorization on file and will only be accepted from persons authorized by the card holder to place such orders. Customers may use a debit card; however, use of a debit card may subject Customer to an authorization hold placed by the financial institution issuing the debit card. The release of any authorization hold is a matter between Customer and Customer's financial institution. Customer is responsible for understanding its particular financial institution policies regarding authorization holds and the specific effects on Customer's financials. Todostopsstore will not be responsible for any fees or charges incurred as a result of Customer's use of a debit card and any resulting authorization hold.

EFT and wire transfers are accepted. Todostopsstore's Credit Team may be contacted at 866-719-6292 for instructions. A $25.00 returned check charge will be assessed for any check returned for any reason.

Payment for international accounts (outside the United States and Canada) will be via prepaid wire transfer only

In addition to other rights provided by Todostopsstore's Standard Terms and Conditions or by law, Todostopsstore reserves the right to cancel at any time without Customer's authorization and without any liability, charge, cost or expense to Todostopsstore, any unshipped purchase order, or portion thereof, should Customer become delinquent on its payment terms. Todostopsstore may, based on the circumstances known at the time of nonpayment, contact Customer prior to suspension of shipments; however, this contact will be at Todostopsstore's sole discretion and is not a guarantee or requirement that such will occur prior to cancelation of purchase orders due to a delinquent account.


All net account invoices will be due thirty (30) days from invoice date, unless agreed to otherwise in writing by Todostopsstore's Credit Team.


In the event of a default, and if this account is turned over to an agency, attorney or third party for collection, Customer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney's fees, or costs of collection regardless of whether a lawsuit is filed. Collection expenses will be calculated at fifteen percent (15%) of the total amount due plus any attorney fees and costs.


Statements are rendered as of the last day of the month and will be sent electronically to the Statement Email Address indicated on Customer’s Account Profile. If Customer would like to receive these documents in hard copy, a member of Todostopsstore’s credit team may be contacted.



Customer understands that Todostopsstore must be notified in writing and addressed to Todostopsstore's Credit Department or delivered via electronic mail to: credit@todostopsstore.com, of any change in ownership or the name of the business under which credit is established. Customer agrees that any change in liability for any debts incurred to Todostopsstore due to change in Customer's business process or form will not be effective against Todostopsstore until Todostopsstore receives actual notice of said change in writing. These terms and conditions will become legally binding upon any permitted successors or assignees of either party.





For domestic accounts, standard ground freight will be prepaid for non-Etailer Customer single orders totaling $800 or more of qualified in-stock merchandise for Products shipped to one location in the contiguous Bangladesh. Each order placed is a new order and will be processed accordingly. Orders that have been placed previously cannot be combined with newly placed orders.



The maximum dollar amount of the following product categories may not exceed 50% of Customer's total order: office machines, tape products, batteries, moving supplies, A/V mounts over 50 lbs. 13"+ televisions/LCDs, furniture, home theatre kits, metal/wood products, jewel cases, bulk wiring products, observation/security systems, surge/UPS systems, power inverters, structured wire enclosures, floor-standing/tower speakers, central vacuum systems, central vacuum components and exercise equipment thirty (30) lbs and under in weight.

Speaker boxes, projector screens, air conditioners, all medium- or large-sized home appliances, and exercise equipment over thirty (30) lbs in weight are excluded from the prepaid freight programs. At Todostopsstore's sole discretion, based on weight and dimensions, some security systems and monitors may also be excluded from the prepaid freight programs.** A Todostopsstore Sales Representative will be able to confirm individual products eligibility.

C.O.D. fees and surcharges are not, for any reason, prepaid, regardless of freight qualifications.

No fulfillment order will qualify for free freight

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Todostopsstore will ship using the best way possible using the characteristic(s) of the product(s) being shipped and the end-destination.



Shipments not qualifying for prepaid freight are subject to freight carrier ("Carrier") shipping rates, fuel surcharges, accessorial surcharges and other fees as applicable.


Additional charges could also be assessed to any order (freight prepaid or otherwise) that may include, but are not be limited to, Delivery Area Surcharges, Extended Area Delivery Surcharges or dimensional/oversize fees, when required by Carriers' regulations. All such charges as mentioned herein, along with any insurance costs, are calculated and added to the invoice total and are non-refundable.


If an order is refused for any reason, Todostopsstore will be compensated for all shipping charges, including any C.O.D. fees, as well as a fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee. Such compensation must be received by Todostopsstore before any other Customer orders are released to Todostopsstore's distribution center for processing and shipping.



All orders are shipped FOB Origin, regardless of whom is paying freight, which will be from Todostopsstore's distribution center. Damages are the responsibility of the Carrier once the shipment is delivered to the Carrier. Customers must make damage claims directly to the Carrier within 10 days of receipt of the order. All boxes and packaging material are necessary when filing a claim.

Recipient must inspect orders via any truck lines for shipping damage prior to acceptance of the shipment. Visible damage claims must be clearly noted on the delivery receipt/bill of lading as proof the damage or tampering occurred prior to delivery. Such damages must be reported within 24 hours, with documented proof, otherwise claim and/or credit may be denied. To ensure full credit, original packaging, manuals and shipping boxes must be retained for inspection.


All shipping/pricing discrepancies must be reported within 5 business days of receipt of order.



Customer must provide a contact name, phone number and email address for a point of contact at the Freight Forwarder.

Todostopsstore must receive proof of export from the Customer or Freight Forwarder after each shipment.

Todostopsstore is neither responsible nor liable for any taxes, duties, fees, or other charges that may be associated with the corresponding countries Trade Agreement shipments. All such charges and requirements are the sole responsibility of Customer.



Product sold by Todostopsstore may be sold with warranties. All warranty material must be read carefully, as the warranty period, service and transferability varies by Vendor and Product.


All returns require a Return Goods Authorization signed by an authorized Todostopsstore representative.



The RA number must be printed clearly on outside of the carton, and all products must be securely protected in double packaging.


If the RA number is not visible, the shipment may be refused.

If shipping labels are placed on the package, and/or RA numbers written on the Vendor’s boxes, the product will not be eligible for return.

All original packaging and materials, including all parts, accessories and instruction manuals from the Vendor must be returned with the product.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in chargebacks, penalties, and/or other fees to Customer, up to and including denial of RA credit.

All Returns must be returned to Todostopsstore with freight PREPAID, FOB Destination.



Defective Product may be returned to Todostopsstore within thirty (30) days of sale to Todostopsstore's Customer. After 30 days, defective Product must be returned to the Vendor, under the specific warranty allowances.

Damaged and defective Product replacements will be sent with no freight expense to Customer's customer.


All non-defective returns will be assessed a fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee.

Non-defective returns will not be accepted ninety (90) days after sale to Todostopsstore's Customer, regardless of reason.

Returns will only be accepted if Product is in resalable condition with all original packaging.

Special orders or closeouts are not eligible for return. Vendors may also prohibit certain products from being returned. A Todostopsstore Sales Representative will notify Customer that a product is not returnable to Todostopsstore upon ordering the particular product(s).


Upon receipt and acceptance of returned items, Todostopsstore will credit Customer's account for Product costs. No cash refunds will be allowed. Credit on Customer's account will be issued for the amount paid on the original invoice. Return credit will be processed based on original payment terms of invoice, less any discounts. Credit card purchases will be credited back to the original card used to make the purchase.


If Product returned to Todostopsstore does not match the Product on Todostopsstore's return authorization, the return will be refused, no credit will be issued to Customer and Customer will be responsible for any freight or handling charges associated with returning the unauthorized returned Product to Customer.


Customer must allow one week for return processing.



All accounts with no activity for twelve months or greater will be closed. In order to reactivate a closed account, a new credit application will be required.



Todostopsstore trademarks may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not authorized by Todostopsstore, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits Todostopsstore, its affiliates and its subsidiaries.


All trademarks and trade names that appear on Todostopsstore publications or the Todostopsstore website, www.todostopsstore.com, are the property of its respective owner(s) and may not be reproduced, copied or manipulated in any manner without the expressed, written approval of the trademark owner.


All content included on or comprising all Todostopsstore publications or the Todostopsstore website including information, data, photographs, videos, typefaces, graphics, music, sounds and other material is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights, and these rights are valid and protected in all forms, media and technologies existing now or developed in the future. All content is copyrighted under the Bangladesh and international copyright laws, and Todostopsstore owns, to the fullest extent allowed by such laws, the copyright in the selection, coordination, arrangement, and enhancement of all content.


Customer is granted a revocable, non-assignable, non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty free right to use trademarks, logos or other similar designations and artwork ("Media Content") solely in connection with advertisement, promotion, distribution and sale of Products to the extent the right to use Media Content has been provided by the supplier/manufacturer of the Product(s).  ALL MEDIA CONTENT IS PROVIDED AS-IS. Customer will indemnify Todostopsstore for its use, or misuse, of Media Content pursuant to the indemnity obligations of these Terms and Conditions.


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and are used for reference purposes only.



From time to time, some Vendors require authorization for Customer to offer Vendor's Products or may prohibit certain Products from being sold on the Internet. Todostopsstore occasionally posts reseller agreements, applications and minimum advertised price (MAP) policies for Customer's review and application at www.todostopsstore.com. Todostopsstore will inform Customer if Customer must remove a Product or Product line from Customer's Web site(s). Customer agrees to immediately honor Todostopsstore's request. Failure to honor Todostopsstore's request may, at Todostopsstore's sole discretion, result in immediate legal action and/or closure of Customer's Accounts Receivable Account with Todostopsstore, including the cessation of all shipments in process.



Providing Todostopsstore with contact information (phone, e-mail, fax number and mailing address) authorizes Todostopsstore to contact Customer through mailings, e-mail, fax, and phone. Todostopsstore believes in protecting Customers' private information. Todostopsstore will not give away, sell, rent, or lease Customers' personal information to any third party.

During the course of business between Todostopsstore and Customer, Todostopsstore may disclose certain confidential and proprietary information ("Confidential Information") to Customer. Confidential information will include all data, materials, Products, inventory information, technology, trade secrets, computer programs, specifications, manuals, business plans, software, marketing plans, pricing, financial information, Todostopsstore's Web site, artwork, and other information disclosed or submitted orally, in writing, or by any other media. Nothing will require Todostopsstore to disclose any of its information. Customer agrees that the Confidential Information is to be considered confidential and proprietary to Todostopsstore and Customer will hold the same in confidence and will not use the Confidential Information other than for the purposes of sales with its customers pursuant to Todostopsstore's Standard Terms and Conditions. Customer will not disclose, publish, or otherwise reveal any of the Confidential Information received from Todostopsstore to any other party whatsoever. Confidential Information furnished in tangible form will not be duplicated by Customer or any of Customer's employees except for the purposes of Todostopsstore's Standard Terms and Conditions. Upon Todostopsstore's request, Customer must return all Confidential Information received in written or tangible form, including copies or reproductions or other media containing such Confidential Information, within ten (10) days of such request.